SkyCity In Trouble Over Texts to Barred Gamblers

Sky City has enacted an exclusion program, in which individuals who exhibit addictive behaviour are barred from various Sky City Casino locations. However, one individual has been ‘coaxed’ back into gambling at the casino, thanks to a number of text messages from the operator.

Selina Watson and her husband, Richard, spent over $50 million at Sky City Casinos over the course of the past few years. Richard Watson is currently in jail, having been sentenced to six years after stealing over $5 million from his employer. Subsequently, the couple was barred from Sky City Auckland, Christchurch and Hamilton. Should they have attempted to enter the casinos, they would have been charged with trespassing.

Now, it has been revealed that Sky City has allegedly attempted to ‘lure’ Selina Watson back to the casino with a number of promotional texts. The issue was brought to the attention of the Department of Internal Affairs, which could jeopardize the casino operator’s host responsibilities.

Sky City Casinos has apologized to Selina Watson and asks any other barred gamblers to come forward if they have received similar texts. The operator states that the texts were a result of a computer glitch.

SkyCity Bank in Legal Trouble

SkyCity Casinos just can’t seem to keep itself out of the headlines. The famed New Zealand casino operator has found itself in quite a lot of trouble over the past year, and thing do not seem to be getting any better. Now, SkyCity’s BNZ branch is in trouble, after several criminals cashed fraudulent cheques at this particular bank.

The branch, which is open 15 hours every day of the week, has been questioned in terms of social acceptability. The casino states that the bank mostly carries out currency exchange; however, it has been the site of fraud and theft a number of times.

Over the course of the past few years, a woman named Herminia Lanuza used $2.7 million worth of her employer’s money to gamble in the high rollers lounge. She cashed many fraudulent cheques worth more than $700 000 drawn at the BNZ’s SkyCity Location. She also withdrew $120 000 from her company’s account.

The local government has questioned the bank’s opening hours and availability, in addition to the casino’s cash machines which allow unlimited withdrawals for patrons. It seems that the casino does not have many safeguards in place when it comes to banking fraud and something must be done, so as to prevent any similar crimes from taking place in the future.

Casino Worker Wins Case Against Sky City

Tuni Parata has won the right to carry her Bible with her while working at a local SkyCity Casino. Earlier, she feared that her job might be at stake, as she was reprimanded by the casino’s managers after it was discovered that she was carrying a Bible around with her while working.

According to SkyCity, it is against the company’s rules for any employee to carry any sort of personal belongings while they are on the casino floor. It is considered to be a violation of the company’s uniform rules. As such, the company does not believe that the religious backlash was necessary, as it was not punishing Parata for her beliefs but rather her transgressions of the rules.

Parata met with SkyCity managers and professionals this week to explain her situation. She stated that employees were being restricted from making the most of their breaks if they’re not allowed to carry personal items on them. With many lockers being 15 minutes away from the casino floor, workers should be able to carry at least some approved items with them.

The casino agreed that Parata would be able to carry her Bible with her while she worked. The only stipulation is that she cannot take the book out while she is carrying out her duties on the casino floor.

Problem Gambling on the Rise at Sky City Casinos

By the time this year is over, Sky City Casinos may have a difficult time getting out of the hole it has dug for itself. Scandals have rocked the casino since the end of 2011, and the problems have not stopped there. It is not only the casino management that is having problems with the casinos; so are the players.

A recent report prepared by Sky City Auckland shows that problem gambling rates at the casino have risen by 300% from 2008 to 2012. Over just 4 years, nearly 2000 new problem gamblers have emerged among the patronage of Sky City Casinos. In 2008, there were 600 and in 2011, there were over 2500.

By educating employees about identify signs of problem gamblers and offering a self-exclusion program, Sky City Casinos believes that it is doing its part. However, it seems that the operator will have to make more of an effort if it wants to avoid any more trouble in the future.

According to TVNZ, a problem gambler named ‘John’ joined the self-exclusion program in 2010. However, he was allowed to enter the casino on multiple occasions without ever being questioned.

Sky City has yet to comment on these reports. However, the casinos will have to make some changes to deal with the issue of rising problem gambling rates.

SkyCity Breakers Visit Christchurch

National Basketball Team SkyCity Breakers, sponsored by the national casino chain, will be visiting Christchurch to help lift the community’s spirits. It is an admirable effort from the sports team and the athletes are hopeful that it will result in some form of relief for the victims of the recent earthquake.

“So much of our focus as a club, as an organisation is about community and the work we can do to provide a pathway for young children”, says Richard Clarke, manager of the Breakers.

In the morning, the team will take a tour of the Red Zone, the area which was affected by the earthquake. It will help to provide the athletes with a realistic perception of just how devastating the earthquake was in the Christchurch region.

Then, in the afternoon, players will run coaching clinics. Local groups will be able to attend, having a chance to meet professional athletes and learn from them. It will be a very valuable experience for young players who have dreams of becoming basketball players.

The Breakers have provided a great deal of support to the area in the months since the earthquake. During this trying times, the community is truly grateful for the team’s dedication to helping young athletes in the area.

New Zealand Casino Recovers from Smoking Ban

Last year, a smoking ban was imposed on Darwin’s SkyCity Casino. After profits took a massive dive, the gambling venue is beginning to recover, as patrons come crawling back to the casino.

SkyCity issued a statement, indicating that profits are on the rise again, despite a challenging time after the introduction of the smoking ban. The company believes that Darwin SkyCity has a great deal of potential and, despite the ban, will continue to provide a significant source of revenue to the company.

The casino has also seen trying times due to a waning tourism economy. The dry season and the rising dollar have encouraged locals to seek out vacation spots overseas, so the local gambling industry has seen a difficult period of time.

SkyCity Darwin will be undergoing extensive work to help rejuvenate the property. The five-star Lagoon Resort is currently under construction, which will include a spa, a restaurant and a heated lagoon. There will also be two VIP villas and gaming pavilions.

The huge renovations that were recently completed on SkyCity Auckland’s property helped the company boost its profits. The operator hopes that the new addition to SkyCity Darwin will have the same effect, continuing to improve the casino’s revenue after the results of the smoking ban.