Sky City Partners With HP In Three NZ Cities

Even in the land-based gambling market, there is a huge demand for sophisticated technological software for players. Local casino operator Sky City has decided to meet this demand by teaming up with HP to offer players some great new computer systems to take advantage of while they play, and the new services are expected to change the country’s gambling market.

One of the biggest changes that Sky City Auckland, Queenstown and Hamilton will experience is the introduction of wireless internet throughout the casino. Even in their hotel rooms, players will have access to wireless internet capability so they can catch up on emails and even play some online poker when they’ve tired of the gaming floor.

VIP members are also given the added option of being able to set betting limits. Players with loyalty cards can now take part in ‘voluntary pre-commitment’ programs, much like the systems that the Australian government is considering implementing. When players approach their limits, warning messages appear on the screen to let them know. Allowing players to limit how much they spend before they play is believed to help curb problem gambling numbers across the country.

Queensland Casino Introduces Pre-Commitment

The Treasury Casino will become the third gambling venue in Queensland to introduce voluntary pre-commitment, according to Echo Entertainment. This will bring the total percentage of poker machines in the country equipped with the software up to 18%, and the casino operator believes that it certainly helps with reducing problem gambling rates.

The machines will be installed with software that will allow them to set a limit on how much they can spend during their session. Once that money is spent, they are barred from playing for the rest of the night.

This seems to be a great initiative, allowing players to prevent themselves from developing unhealthy gambling habits. However, anti-gambling advocate Nick Xenophon is not impressed with the plan. He believes that in order for pre-commitment to work, it must be mandatory; otherwise, those that need help the most are not receiving assistance with managing their gambling addictions.

However, a recent study has shown that many problem gamblers are aware they have issues but refuse to seek help out of pride. With voluntary pre-commitment, these individuals can work towards developing healthy habits without publically admitting they have a problem – making it a very attractive option.